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HR Specialist Recruitment/Placement

K4 Management Solutions is looking for potential candidates for the following position:

HR Specialist Recruitment/Placement

Duties of The Human Resources Specialist Include, But Are Not Limited To:

-Timely and accurately prepare job announcements and various media

advertisements independently.

-Performs internal and external recruitment, utilizing sources as VRA,

reinstatement, direct-hire authorities, reassignment, etc.

-Utilize all authorities for hiring, including special appointment authorities Title 5

and Title 38.

-Make determinations regarding qualifications, veterans preference, applicable

specialty skills, create certificates of eligibility and assist panels in determining

best qualified.

-Responsible for planning, developing and implementing the full range of

recruitment, placement and pay policies.

-Provide related management advisory services for employees in Title 5, Title 38,

Hybrid Title 38 occupations, etc.

-Coordinate/advise on compensation programs such as physician/dentist pay

compensation panels, Hybrid Title 38 professional standards boards, special pay

surveys, nurse locality pay, etc.

-Provide staff service/technical guidance to all levels of the Medical Center staff,

HR professionals, managers, and employees.

-Plan and/or conduct HR program surveys/studies and makes recommendations

on needed changes in existing policies for a uniquely integrated facility.

-Analyze/evaluate effectiveness of programs and/or operations in meeting


-May perform training on staffing and recruitment for HR programs/initiatives.

-Provide advice and guidance on a full range of external placement and

recruitment duties.


Job Type: Contract

Required education: Bachelor's

Required experience:

-HR Management, Business: 3 years

-Human Resources: 3 years

Send Resumes to:

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